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Direct Mail Marketing

In order to keep up with the best forms of marketing, Blip offers direct mail marketing to reach even more customers. Different people act upon different marketing strategies. Using a direct tactic to attract attention to promotions and services will bring more individuals to your business. We can help you reach out to all of those individuals with direct mail marketing. Choosing the right campaign is an integral part of the process and our consultants can help to deliver results. Using both direct mail and e-mail, you can reach many different people across multiple channels.

Data Management/Certification

Our database for direct mail is an asset in creating a powerful marketing campaign. We also know the importance of data security and protect your information for research and marketing in the future.


We have the resources to specify which insert will be included in a certain document. This application makes the process efficient and cost effective.

Variable Data

Variable data creates a strong database of information for your customers. You can input a variety of information from what product the customer was interested in, to its color, make, and size. This information can tailor your marketing campaign to specific groups of people. With this data, you can personalize your greetings and offers to attract more customers. At Blip, we can help ensure that your variable data is dependable, fast, and works for your business.

Saturation Mailings

To provide greater value to businesses, Blip offers saturation mailings. These mailings use resident lists that can concentrate on a wide range of specifications. We can tailor criteria of residents down to age, household income, and length of residence and so on to create a list that will saturate more of your potential target market.

Marketing Campaigns

Let our qualified professionals help your business identify and target your market and develop a strong campaign with our variety of distribution options.

If you have not tried the variable data option, I would definitely give it a try it is great for personalization!
Rick Myer