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Blueprint Services

Product shoot for website photos. Samples gathered by Dori, Cindy and Lorin.We have the equipment and programs to help your business build success with our blueprint, architectural, and engineering print services. Blip offers a range of blueprint printing services in color or black & white and different sizes. We also provide mail and packaging services in our store to assist in delivery. If you need a project reduced or enlarged to scale, Blip has the technology to reproduce your drawings in a different scale. We accept many different file types for reproduction and printing. You can trust us to print your next set of blueprints and construction plans in a productive and efficient manner.


Blip has the equipment to scan a variety of sizes of important construction and blueprint drawings. Our digital archiving services can help you save time and money in the future by always knowing where a digital copy of your plans are. Saving documents digitally can help with saving space and for easy finding. Come visit with a Blip professional today to learn more about our digital archiving capabilities to find out which solution will be the most ideal for your business.


No matter the number of copies, Blip has all of the current equipment to produce high quality copies. We provide single and double-sided copying in full color or black and white on a variety of paper weights. We have a variety of finishing options to add to your copies such as: binding, collating, stapling, hole punching, and inserting. We can also arrange your copies into presentation folders for your next project. If you would like to also store your copies electronically, Blip provides scanning capabilities to store your data.


When it comes to your printing needs, Blip is expert on how to handle your printed presentation. We have staff to help you design your project, or to take your design and make sure it is printed correctly. We have the speed and flexibility to work with a range of material types and different formats to print your project in an appropriate timeframe. Visit with us to learn more about which formats and materials will work the best for your marketing and printed materials.


Blip offers a variety of different types of binding for your next project: comb binding, saddle stitching, side stitching, scoring, spiral binding, 3 ring binder, and many others. We can help you find the right binding that will work for what type of presentation you are after.


To finish your printed project in a professional manner, Blip offers many different laminating techniques: aqueous coating, UV coating, varnish, etc. With our full range of printing services, using a high quality laminating finish will push your presentation to the top.

Anybody that knows about the engineering business, sure knows that it can be crazy when it comes to deadlines. Blip Printer always helps us make our deadlines!
Taylor Pew