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Book & Booklets

Product shoot for website photos. Samples gathered by Dori, Cindy and Lorin.In trusting your written words, let Blip show you how we can assist you in getting your book complete after such hard work. We can work with you to help illustrate the cover and bind your book in a way that will catch the consumers’ eye. We can also guide you to resources for distribution packaging throughout the nation and the local area. Finding a printing company that will work closely with you is key in producing your works, let Blip share our knowledge with you on how to finish and market your book in an appropriate and economical way.


Blip has had many years of experience putting together a variety of magazines for many different markets. Our layouts and colors have been tested and that knowledge can help you in publishing a high quality magazine. Not only can we print your magazine, but we can bind your magazine and help distribute it to the public, if needed. Because we work in such a custom printing manner, we can ensure you that your magazine will be professional and unique.


Not only can we assist with hard cover books, we offer options for soft cover books. Depending on the market you are trying to reach and the design you are after, Blip has the equipment to print, bind and cover your book the way you would like. Soft cover books can be printed in a variety of sizes and covers. Since the cover is such a vital part in book presentation, we understand how important getting the right design and format for your book can be.

Low Quantity

No matter the amount, let Blip help you print your materials with our care and attention to special details.

Large quantity

We have the equipment to produce large quantities of your printed work with many different techniques.

Binding Methods

At Blip, we have the equipment to secure and protect your printed documents. By binding your books, they not only make the product last longer, but it makes it look more professional. Our binding machines can adjust to many sizes and widths so you can choose what is best for your project: comb binding, saddle stitching, side stitching, scoring, spiral binding, 3-ring binder, etc.

These books look great! I can’t believe you guys are right here in Twin Falls.
Brad Wallace