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Business Card Products

Product shoot for website photos. Samples gathered by Dori, Cindy and Lorin.At Blip, we understand that your business cards will give that first impression to your customers. Making sure we have the proper messaging and appearance can take your business card to the next level. We offer a variety of products for business cards to do just that: full design services, many sizes and folds, printing stock, decorative additions such as embossing, and full corporate identity packages with letterhead, folders, and stationary. Come in to the store or order online and have us ship them to you to make the process as interactive as you would like.

Rip Cards

This multipurpose marketing item can allow you to create a printed material that can access many customers. The rip card can have perforations to make sharing the information with others simple. Many businesses have found effective uses for the rip cards.

Folder Business Cards

Have a card with a twist by having a fold in your business card. This allows you to have more creativity and also to have more space for information and marketing branding. Visit with a Blip professional to see what types of folding will work for your card.

Premium Business Cards

Have cards you can be proud of by taking advantage of the different types of premium cards Blip offers. These cards are printed on thicker cardstock and different types of finishes.

Plastic Business Cards

There are many materials that can be used for cards, even plastic. These cards are typically used for loyalty and membership cards as part of your business and can be printed using Blip services. Our cards can be printed in many different colors and made with durable plastic stock. To finish the cards, we can add many different finishing options: signature panel, magnetic striping and bar-coding to name a few.

Appointment Cards

No matter what type of documents your business requires, Blip has a solution for your printing needs. We can print appointment cards to be used as part of your business for reminders to your patients or customers.

WOW!…These business cards look great!
Sarah Baggley