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CD & DVD Replication


DVD & CD Authoring

Authorizing a DVD means creating a DVD that has the ability to play on a DVD player. This process involves meeting standard specifications and encoding the files. Blip is specialized in producing DVD’s and CD’s to the specifications to ensure that your media can be specialized and last for a long time.

Disk Duplication

Blip can help you save time by reproducing your DVD’s or CD’s quickly and efficiently. We provide a high quality and economical means to produce the materials. Our DVD services include:

  • Archiving personal and business documents or other information onto DVD or CD
  • DVD or CD duplication service
  • Extra options: printed images and covers
  • CD duplication for training, marketing, or presentation materials

Disk Printing

To make your disks just a little bit more personal and marketable, we provide options to pre-print your disks for any project or presentation. Whether it is custom artwork or descriptive text, we can make your CD’s and DVD’s look great!

Making DVD’s of my kids photos and videos was a great way to archive many memories! Thanks BlipJ Mitt