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Product shoot for website photos. Samples gathered by Dori, Cindy and Lorin.The design consultants at Blip specialize in producing the right design for you and your business. Our full service location can provide you with a variety of products: logos, prints, marketing brochures, catalogues and banners. We will assist you in producing a flawless project, color scheme and design features to bring your idea to reality. Our certified professionals are able to design for many different mediums and applications. Please contact us before going anywhere else; more than likely, we can create the type of product you are looking for.


No matter if you have a completed design or have an idea in your head, the qualified design specialists at Blip can provide in-house design work to create or refine your product. We are experienced with many format types and specific sizes to help inform you of the criteria and options for different mediums and applications.

PrePress Services

Print Preparation: Once we receive your file, we make sure that all parts of the design are in the right format and size and allow you to approve a proof of your item(s). Our consultants will let you know if there are any additional items needed before we print.
Type: If you are having trouble collecting the words for your project, Blip can generate appropriate words for the type of design.
Color Amendment: Colors are important to the overall design to correlate with schemes that you may already have in place with your business. Through our process, we make sure that the colors are exactly right.

Logo Design

When creating a corporate identity for our business, come to Blip to take advantage of our years of design experience. When designing, we consider a proper color palette and theme to get your message out to your target market. Our professionals can help you refine ideas for a logo that will be your prominent piece of marketing for years to come.

Banner, Point-of Sale, Sign, & Display Products

In need of a product that can express your message in a more solid way? Here at Blip, we can work with you to design a banner, sign, or display with the proper formatting and size to add to complete your marketing package. All of these materials can make a great first impression for your business and the design professionals at Blip want to help you send the right message. We have the experience to deliver the type of signage that you desire.

Books, Magazines, and Catalogs

At Blip, we can work with you to help design the illustrations for the cover and throughout your books, magazines, and catalogs in a way that will catch the consumers’ eye. Finding a printing company that will work closely with you is important in producing quality works, let Blip share our knowledge with you on how to design and finish your book, magazine, or catalog in an appropriate and economical way.

Promotional Product Items

Blip has the knowledge to design and print custom promotional items with your logo and corporate identity in mind. No matter what the surface, Blip can print on a variety of items to create many promotional items for your business. Visit with our staff to see a list of the types of materials we can design for promotional items.

  1. Mugs
  2. T-Shirts
  3. Pens
  4. Badges
  5. Keychains
  6. Magnets
  7. And More!

Email Templates

Spread your corporate identity message to every person you email by including a custom designed email template. The professionals at Blip can help you design a creative way to market your business.

Direct Mail Marketing

Here at Blip, we can help you reach out to all of those individuals with direct mail marketing. Choosing the right campaign is an integral part of the process and our consultants can help to deliver results. Using both direct mail and e-mail, you can reach many different people across multiple channels. We can consult you on the design and layout of the mail marketing that you would like to use. There are many different styles and mediums that our design professionals can assist you with.

PDF Forms

Many times there are needs for custom PDF forms that are both fillable and printable. Our staff has experience in designing these forms in an appropriate layout. We can help you organize your information and build a file that can be used online or with your employees.

Blip Printers created a great sign for my car, I am glad that I took the time to ask around for a high quality print shop. With a price that can not be beat!
Gary Nuggle