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Direct Mail Marketing


By a wide margin, properly executed direct mail is one of the best ways to get a message in front of a prospective customer, and keep existing customers coming back for more.


First Class Presort – For important documents like tax forms and statements. If you have a lot of statements to send out every month, contact us and see if we can help. From printing and inserting, to general mailing services we can save you time and money.
Presort Standard – When you want to mail to targeted people or businesses. If you have been collecting customer data, bring it in! We can help you normalize it, correct addresses and update recent forwards directly into your database! If you need a list we can help you there
too! We work with list vendors to sort people and businesses tailored to the demographics you choose.

EDDM and Saturation mailings – When you want to reach everyone in a geographical location. While serving similar markets, there are certain benefits to each type. EDDM Retail mailings can only contain up to 5000 pieces per day and require the mail piece specifications be outside standard mail. Saturation mail pieces can be smaller, and there is no daily quantity restriction on them. Stop in and let us help you decide which option will work best for you. For more information and access to tools to help you define your EDDM mailing use
the United States Post Office website at eddm.usps.com


When you let us help you with your mail, we will ensure that your marketing/mail piece is properly designed to fall within postal specifications. Your customer data will be run through CASS certification, to validate address integrity, and NCOA Link update to forward to a current address if your customer has moved. All automation compatible mail is then addressed with post offices Intelligent Mail Barcode to ensure swift delivery.

Local delivery to the USPS, or delivery arrangements to the post office of mailing.

Other mailing options include:


Have a mail piece you want inserted into an envelope? Blip has equipment to insert into envelopes as large as 10×13” in size.

Variable Data

Blip has the technology to do complex variable data mailings. From personalized letters, to different images, special numbers, and QR codes, appearing on each piece.

If you have not tried the variable data option, I would definitely give it a try it is great for personalization!
Rick Myer