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Post Press Finishings

IMG_1184Die Cutting

When you need reproduction of a shape out of a specific material, come to Blip and let us show you what we can make out of a variety of materials such as different papers, plastics, fabrics and more.


With all of the ways to finalize a document, Blip has the equipment to quickly and accurately fold your printed documents to your specifications.

Laminating & Mounting

To make a project more professional, consider laminating or mounting your project. Both of these end results make your printed project more specialized.

UV Coating

Blip can provide ultra-violet cured coatings to your printed material to preserve and protect your design. Whether it is a banner or sign, this process can be a life-saver in making your product last a very long time. The UV process can be applied can also be applied to spot locations if the whole printing does not need the coating. A UV coating can have a range of finishes, whether shiny or matte.


At Blip, we have the equipment to secure and protect your printed documents. By binding your projects, they not only make the product last longer, but it makes it look more professional. Our binding machines can adjust to many sizes and widths so you can choose what is best for your project.

Spiral & Comb Binding

Whether it is plastic or wire, the spiral and comb binding can collect your project into a professional package. The spiral binding is one continuous coil that passes through many holes. Comb binding allows you the choice to have the teeth that fit through rectangular holes on the sheet. At Blip, you have your choice of these and other binding options.

Perfect Binding

For a document/book between 24-600 pages, come to Blip for the perfect binding application. This is a form of binding that is like a paperback book. It puts on and binds with a soft cover that is perfect for books, reports, and manuals.

Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching uses stitches or staples down the middle of the fold to bind together pages. Blip can use this technique on many projects, such as calendars, booklets, and magazines.

Three-Ring Binders

To complete your printed project, Blip offers 3-ring binders in a variety of sizes, colors, and binding styles. This allows us to provide a one-stop shop for your next printing.

Hole Drilling

Punching holes in your documents was never easier than using our machines to do the heavy work for you. We can 2-hole and 3-hole punch your next project to have it put into a binder or folder.


Scoring refers to creating a crease in your paper to make is easier to fold. The majority of this process is used on thicker papers, like for folders. Blip offers both inline and offline scoring and can work with you on which type will be the most appropriate for you.


Another process for making it easier to fold documents on a determined crease is perforation. Blip can assist in making the perforation prominent to allow for easy tearing along a certain line, or light for easy folding but no tearing.


If you require numbering on your documents for more accurate records and organization, Blip can number a variety of paper types and sizes. We can work with you to create the numbering on your project that makes the most sense.

I don’t even understand what is going on half the time, but I do know that it is completed professional looking and quick!
Sam Jensen