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Scanning & Archiving

Product shoot for website photos. Samples gathered by Dori, Cindy and Lorin.Negatives, Slides & Glass Plates

We have the capability to repair old and damaged photos that are on glass plates, negatives, slides, and prints. Improve those old, broken or decayed photos and allow them to shine once more. Prices vary depending on condition of mediums. We can also compile these to a CD allowing you to view them on your DVD player.

Photo Restoration

We understand the special significance of having photos restored very closely to their original condition. We can take many photos in their decaying condition and recreate your priceless memories. Our experience in this area gives us the knowledge to restore any of your photos.

Large Format Projects

No matter what type of format you are in need of, we can get the job done for you. We are able to scan to formats such as: pdf, eps, tif, png, jpg, and gif. Our equipment allows us to scan in black and white, or color in a range of sizes to fit your needs.

  • Scan
  • Large Format Black & White and Color Scanning
  • Maximum Width of 50″
  • Height Adjustable to 0.5″
  • 800 dpi Scan Resolution
  • Scan to Disk

Plans & Blueprints

Scanning Considerations

Scanning your drawings is worth considering to help preserve the original image and allow you to reproduce the scanned image instead of depreciate the quality of the original print whether it be pencil, ink, sepia or blueprints. Having your images scanned allows you to have them available for years to come.

Long Documents

Long Document Scanning

Blip, with our many years of business is familiar with long document scanning. We can deliver many different kinds of scanning to help preserve those documents.


OCR Scanning

Blip also offers Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR) as a very valuable service. Providing this service gives you the option of transforming files that aren’t editable, like pdf’s and tiffs, into text searchable documents, like spdfs and docs. This will give the ability of files that can be formatted and edited. OCR is critical for saving time and resources. This process will pin-point specific words quickly to allow changes of typographical errors or update text.

I am so glad that I archived my files. Having all of our projects on disk saves room in our office and makes it very easy to see them on the computer. When we need to print old projects for clients it is very convenient to find the files instead of looking through drawers and drawers of storage.
Jim Jones